This is stirring in me so strongly this morning that I have to share. Don’t be so concerned about being relevant to the world, that you become irrelevant to God. We are called to be set apart, not to conform to the world. We are supposed to be, look and act differently. We are not called to look like everyone else.

Jesus did not “give in” to the signs of the times. He did not “do” what everyone else was doing because it made sense. He stood apart, He rose above it and fulfilled the call of God and made a worldwide impact. He made a difference that changed lives.

Jesus was radical when it came to His approach. I believe He, on purpose, did things radically and deliberately different to set Himself apart from the religious world and what people were used to or expected. He did what was needed to give us a path to follow. He did what was needed to be an example we could follow.

We say we want the Book of Acts kind of church in the body of Christ… we also say we want revival… but are we willing to do what it takes in our own personal lives to be that radical person that lives in the world but refuses to be “of” the world? The kind of person who refuses to conform to the ways of the world, culture, religion or status quo? Are we willing to be the one who says, “I give up my time to pursue Him?” Are we willing to fast and pray to seek Him with everything in us so we can be used by God in the way He wants to use us? Are we willing to give up the sin we get so caught up in? Are we willing to give up “our way” and yield to His? Are we willing to be unpopular with the world so we can be popular in the Kingdom?

The truth is, we already are popular in the Kingdom. I am God’s favorite. You are God’s favorite. However, that doesn’t mean you or I live the life that we are called to live. It doesn’t mean we are already walking in all that God has for us. It also doesn’t mean God is able to use us to the fullest degree that He desires to. Many times it is because we are not hungry enough for His presence. We have not laid our lives down to serve Him and only Him. Sometimes it’s because we want acceptance and love from others more than we want His acceptance and love. (Even though we already have His)

How can I say something these things?  Because wanting love and acceptance from others is a part of human nature. I also have lived that life. It’s a corner that I am still turning and probably will be as long as I am here on this Earth… as most of us will as well. BUT, my determination is to only seek the approval of One.

If you live your life to be accepted and popular with the world or the church, you are living your life for the wrong thing. Jesus was not popular with the world or “the church” when He walked this Earth. Yet He refused to let it sway Him from the path that God has set before Him. He continued with a kingdom mindset in spite of those closest to Him not understanding Him, getting Him or even being in agreement with Him. Regardless of what came His way, He continued to pursue the plan, will and purpose of God. How can we do any different?

I don’t know about you, but I choose to follow in His footsteps. I am hungry for His presence. I want more and will never be satisfied with status quo. I will not give in to the world, no matter what “pretty packaging” it can sometimes come in. The enemy knows how to infiltrate your life. He knows how to infiltrate the church.  We have to be aware, focused and on guard at all times so we see when he is attempting a new infiltration that will ultimately lead to destruction if we don’t put a stop to it. If that means going against the flow, then go against the flow. If that means being radically different, then be the radical. As for me, there is nothing more important to me than being in the center of God’s will. If that means I am alone in that stand of faith and obedience to His will, as long as God is with me, then I KNOW everything will be alright

The truth is, those who are radically sold out to the kingdom… who hunger for God’s presence… who pursue Him with everything they are… who literally make the Word of God their first, final and only authority… who live a life of faith in the middle of it not being considered “popular” even in the church world at times… who refuse to conform to the world… they are the ones who will agree and even “get me” because they want the same thing.

However, I don’t live for that agreement. I live for the audience of One. Everything in me cries out for more in Him! I know the cry of my heart is in agreement with His heart. Pursuing Him is my greatest and deepest desire and hunger. It means some will not understand or get me. That’s ok. I can only pray that one day they will want the same thing. I definitely want it for them… that’s for certain. Besides… I am a work in progress. So are you. It’s ok when people don’t understand you. Just know that God completely understand you. For that I am truly thankful.

My prayer is, “Lord, bring on the Holy Ghost fire. Burn it deep within me. Help me never to get comfortable in a comfort zone or rut. Burn within me the zeal, fire and determination to never conform to the world or be moved by what others think of me. It is time to not just make a difference, but make a RADICAL difference. Do whatever You have to do in me so I can follow in the footsteps of Jesus!!! As the song says, I will go where You want me to go. I will do what You want me to do. I will say what You want me to say. If I am hated by the world, I will still love and serve You. Change what needs to be changed in me. Transform me with Your Word as I press into Your presence. I trust You. I KNOW You are directing my path… therefore, I KNOW everything is going to be alright regardless of what the future holds. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Why am I sharing this with you today considering the personal nature of some of it? It is simply this: If it lights a FIRE in one person… if it kicks one person OUT of their comfort zone… if it makes one person SEEK after the FIRE and let go of what has been holding them back… if it makes one person DETERMINE to turn the corner in their own life… if it WAKES UP one person and shows them the areas of their life that they have been conforming to the world… if it helps ONE PERSON to realize that they may have pulled back from the plan, will or purpose of God… then, it is worth it.

I truly love you. I don’t have to know you personally to love you. I love you because God loved me first. It is His love that motivates, challenges and pushes me forward to pursue Him with everything in me. My heart is for YOU. So know that I am praying for you today. You are special, unique, amazing and TOTALLY called by God. He has an INCREDIBLE plan for your life and wants you to walk in it because it will benefit Him AND you! It will be an AMAZING plan. You’re going to love it!!! The next step of faith is yours.

MUCH love, Deb

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