The short answer? YES! Absolutely positively YES! 🙂 Of course learning to do that might be a bit of a challenge. It was for me. Just being real.

I had a lot of STUFF to work through in my mind… namely, I didn’t believe even for a moment that I was lovable. I hated myself for many years.

Then there’s God. He’s so good. As I began to receive HIS love, I began to see myself the way HE sees me. Well,, that was a game-changer.

My friend… How you feel about yourself is impacting and affecting every area of your life. The Bible says we are to love others as we love ourselves. Meaning, God WANTS you to love yourself. He wants you to see yourself as HE does. He sees you as His amazing and beautiful creation… and He LOVES what He created! That is a part of your inheritance as His child!

Focus on God’s love. Begin to receive His love for you every day. Literally, everyday close your eyes, focus on Him and speak out, “I am loved by my good, good Father. I am loved by YOU God! I am special, valued, and deeply loved by You and I’m thankful. I am safe in Your love… I am safe in Your care.” Find scriptures that back that up and speak those out as well.

The more you that, the more His love will transform you from the inside out. It won’t be long before you start loving yourself because you’ll see yourself through HIS eyes. That means you’ll start seeing how awesome you really are. 🙂 (Trust me, you ARE awesome! I know these things.)

When you learn to see yourself and love yourself as God does, you’ll experience one of the greatest breakthroughs of your life! It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

You may have to do it by faith right now and with “faith words” that you don’t actually believe yet, but start somewhere. In time, as your view of God’s creation changes and lines up with His view, you will find it affecting every area of your life in an AMAZING way!!!

Sooo excited for your breakthrough! 🙂

Love, Deb

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