You are fighting with condemnation for the mistakes you have made. It is eating you up on the inside. Yup… been there! The good news is, there’s a way out of that hole. KNOW THIS: Condemnation comes directly from the pit of hell. From the devil himself. God said that there is NOW (right this.. read more →

The short answer? YES! Absolutely positively YES! 🙂 Of course learning to do that might be a bit of a challenge. It was for me. Just being real. I had a lot of STUFF to work through in my mind… namely, I didn’t believe even for a moment that I was lovable. I hated myself.. read more →

This is stirring in me so strongly this morning that I have to share. Don’t be so concerned about being relevant to the world, that you become irrelevant to God. We are called to be set apart, not to conform to the world. We are supposed to be, look and act differently. We are not.. read more →