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Deb Hollis is a radical ‘new generation’ leader who believes in empowering, equipping and even pushing you to become who you are called to be. She is known for hitting straight from the hip in her no nonsense REAL style of teaching and writing. Her specialty is empowering women and creating a culture of women of power who overcome everything that comes their way through the Word of God!

Coming from a background of severe abuse as a child, Deb understands the hurt, pain and despair that can paralyze someone wanting to move forward in life. She experienced daily trauma caused from physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse from age 6 to 18. That trauma continued throughout her 20’s and 30’s as she continued to experience unhealthy people and leaders in her life and in the church. While there were some amazing leaders who became coaches and mentors, she also intimately knew the pain of betrayal and heartache that came from spiritual abuse from other leaders as well.

Debilitating depression, pain and despair, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies were a constant and an integral part of her life for 20 years. It wasn’t until she experienced the life-changing power of God that her life began to turn around and breakthrough began to manifest.

Once that happened, she determined NO ONE would have to suffer as long as she did… and that began a journey of creating transformational resources and tools to help the wounded heal and literally, break FREE!

Out of that, partnering with her husband Neal, Deb Hollis Ministries, Faith Solutions, and The Beauty of Oils exploded onto the scene of her life!

The “Beauty of Oils” Story

A few years ago, Deb was approached by a friend about the power of essential oils and how they could help her ministry. Knowing that Deb did a ton of counseling and coaching, her friend felt the oils could help her clients and friends experience freedom.

At the time, Deb simply wasn’t ready to believe that a simple oil could help facilitate breakthrough. It wasn’t until a year later, when another trusted friend also brought it up, that Deb began to realize God was telling her something. Thankfully, this time, she paid attention.

That began a two and a half year journey of discovering for herself the power and the beauty of oils. She learned how God had created the oils and intended for us to use them from the beginning of creation. She discovered a new level of breakthrough that she didn’t know existed outside of her faith journey. God also spoke to her specifically through that season and told her in multiple different ways that He always meant for His people to use essential oils to help in their everyday lives. (As shown throughout Scripture.)

When it became overwhelmingly evident that God was telling her to partner with faith and use the oils to help people receive the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual breakthroughs that they craved, she knew she needed to obey.

She was “all in” from that point forward. Now, throughout her books, courses, teachings and message, you will find essential oils spoken of and shared multiple times. She craves helping others, using God given resources and tools, (like the oils) to receive the breakthrough they are praying for. 

“The Beauty of Oils” comes from a heartbeat of understanding the true beauty of what God created when He gave us essential oils from His creation. She specifically fell in love with Young Living Oils due to the integrity of the company, and the purity of the oils. If you would like to learn more, simply go to WWW.THEBEAUTYOFOILS.COM

The “Faith Solutions” Story

We are a team of dedicated people who share a passion for creating experiences that bring breakthrough and launch dreams!

We believe that every person has greatness within them.

We believe that God has placed a dream in every one of us that is meant to come out and change the world… starting with your world!

We are obsessively passionate about seeing you live your dream and helping you to achieve it. We focus on your breakthrough, so nothing can hold you back any longer!

That said, we’re excited to provide tools to help you in every area of your life: financially, emotionally, in your business, life or ministry. We believe that you are called to live your best dream NOW! We take that one step further… we believe you can also earn an income while living that dream! God WANTS you prosperous! Don’t believe the lie or religion that tells you different.

Our Founders

Faith Solutions was founded by Neal and Deb Hollis in 2011 and has been on an incredibly epic ride ever since. From our humble beginnings as a ministry helping a few people to achieve breakthrough locally to developing an online community that reaches hundreds of thousands every month! Lives around the world are being dramatically transformed… and Neal and Deb give God ALL the glory!

Deb Hollis, our CEO, has served in full-time ministry for over 25 years. She has been a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist and Coach. She has trained, mentored and consulted for leaders worldwide and continues to do so to this day. Deb is the passion behind Deb Hollis Ministries, Faith Solutions and The Beauty of Oils. She is the head dreamer in charge and passionate about helping others to walk in breakthrough and freedom in life, business and ministry.

Neal Hollis, our Operations Director has been in the tech industry for nearly 25 years and provides current, hands-on experience in multiple facets of current technologies.  Neal has worked as a Computer Engineer, Code Developer, Web Designer, Data Center Manager, Video Producer and Sound Engineer.  He brings his years of experience to the table to develop cost effective solutions for all of Deb’s dreams. (Don’t worry… he has dreams of his own that he is actively working on as well. Thankfully, together we get to live our dreams!)

Neal is the backbone behind EVERYTHING that Deb sets her hand to! Without Him and God, she would not be the woman, mother, or leader she is today!

Early Growth

After realizing early on that the demand for freedom and breakthrough was greater than the typical ministry model, we shifted our focus from preaching to consulting, coaching and developing new online tools and ideas that would facilitate dreams being launched worldwide. Simple books, courses and coaching quickly grew to a need for a larger platform to reach more people.

Membership Sites such as Hidden in the Healer, Breakthrough Mamas and the tech side of Faith Solutions are just a few of the larger platforms that are coming by the end of 2019 to meet the need for dream launchers. Dreaming Big with God is another online platform that is facilitating dream growth worldwide. Our online community currently reaches over 200K every month and it continues to grow as the need of the people grows seeking guidance and help.

Where Does the Name “Faith Solutions” Come From?

People ask us this all the time. Faith Solutions is a name that was inspired by our passion and desire to meet a need, by providing different solutions for success in the faith community.

From the beginning, we felt passionately about bringing a faith focused answer in the business world. It has since grown to providing breakthrough opportunities in personal lives as well.

To Infinity and Beyond

With our clients breakthrough more important than ever, we are committed to create whatever it takes to help you grow, succeed and excel in life, ministry or business.

We have shifted our strategy so we can accommodate the increasing need and demand to give our clients the faith solution to all their breakthrough needs. It is a fire in our bones that cannot be quenched! We HAVE to do this… we KNOW that the fire of passion and purpose to help others receive breakthrough is the core part of who we are as a ministry and company!

If we haven’t created it yet… hang on… we WILL! We are committed to do whatever it takes to help you break through in all areas of life!

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