I am so excited that you want to learn a new way to have a healthier body, soul and mind! I will tell you, Essential oils changed my life! Seriously! When a friend introduced me, I totally fell in love with the oils, the culture and the amazing community that comes with it. Instead of trying to tell you everything in writing, watch my Essential Oils 101 Class to see how oils can improve your world!

MY TESTIMONY: There are oils, like Clarity, that help me with focus. I’ve been able to write books in literally 12 hours from start to finish! I know, right? That’s pretty incredible!

Another oil, Magnify Your Purpose helped me to walk in my God designed purpose even more by help bringing a sharper vision and focus to move forward in my dreams. My literal purpose in life began to explode within me the more I applied and breathed in this oil.

And, I HAVE to share with you about one of my all time favorites… Valor! Oh. My. Word. Can you say positively incredible and amazing? Seriously! It’s the “I Can Do It” Oil. It’s for bravery and confidence. All I can tell you is you have got to try it. It’s a game-changer. I absolutely love Valor! Every time I apply it, I experience the incredible benefits.

How Can Essential Oils Help You and Your Loved Ones?

There are so many things in our environment, minds, emotions and spirituality that can hinder our desire to be healthy that it makes it difficult to know what to do and when. It can be overwhelming.

I’m here to help you with a simply tool that will empower your life in ways that you only dreamed of. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced it personally.


Everywhere we go, no matter how “clean it my seem”, there are chemicals and toxins in the air that we breath in, touch, or eat that can make us sick. There’s no way around that. We even put those same chemicals and toxins on our bodies through everyday products like makeup, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, lotions… well, you get the idea. Women, on average each day, put over 80 chemicals on their body before breakfast! That is a staggering statistic!



Below are a few examples of how oils can support your body in a healthy and natural way. You won’t have to worry about toxin chemicals or side effect. We leave them out!

  • Thieves Vitality: Helps support a healthy respiratory and immune system, and overall wellness. We put it on daily… if we even “think” we are getting a symptom, we apply more. The results are pretty awesome.
  • Frankincense: Incredible support for healthy skin. I add a drop or two to my moisturizer and I LOVE the results! (We also have some incredible beauty products, like Boswellia Wrinkle Cream that have Frankincense as one of the main ingredients)
  • Peppermint: Helps support the gastrointestinal tract and healthy digestion. It’s ah-MAZ-ing in tea, as a motivator for working out, or as a cool down when spending time in the hot sun!
  • Panaway: When it comes to pain relief, WOW is the best way to describe it! It is one of my absolute favorites! We keep it in supply at all times! It’s great for soar muscles after working out. Who am I kidding? It’s great for ALL muscles ALL the time.
  • Digize: This amazing oil helps support healthy digestion and overall wellness. It’s great for bloating during “that time of month”, after a heavy meal, or stomach gestational issues. It is our “go to” oil for cramps.
  • Lemon Vitality:  Helps support the immune system
  • Raven: We call it “Spa in a Bottle” for a reason. It’s great for refreshing your respiratory experience and to help with breathing during difficult times.
  • Lavender: A favorite for many. If you skin needs some extra TLC, Lavender is a soothing choice. It also, when diffused, creates a relaxing atmosphere before sleep. I put a few drops in my bathtub for a restful experience when I’m ready to unwind.

NOTE: All of these oils are found in the Premium Starter Kit – as well as Citrus Fresh, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, and Valor. See below for how awesome they are!


Oils are an incredible tool to support your mental and emotional health!  Oils can reduce stress and boost moods. Here are a few:

  • Stress Away: Simply put, a few drops on your wrist or back of neck can calm mental tension. It’s great for stress no matter how intense! I’ve even put a few drops in my bathtub and turned into putty because I was so relaxed.
  • Valor: One of my absolute favorite oils. There’s a reason it is called the “I CAN DO IT” oil. It can bring a sense of confidence and bravery when you need it most. Any time I teach, it goes on first! If you have a big day ahead and are nervous, make this your first stop to prepare for the day!
  • Peace & Calming: One of my absolute favorite oils. There’s a reason it is called the “I CAN DO IT” oil. It can bring a sense of confidence and bravery when you need it most. Any time I teach, it goes on first! If you have a big day ahead and are nervous, make this your first stop to prepare for the day!
  • Frankincense: This incredible oil is for more than just skin care, it’s also for FOCUS. It can be helpful with stress, tension, and meditation. (I use it a LOT when I’m in worship. It’s the best for drawing me more into God’s presence!)
  • Citrus Fresh: Not only is this oil tasty in water, (Citrus Fresh Vitality), but it’s really good for experiencing uplifting moods. It can be a wonderful mood booster!

NOTE: All of these oils are found in the Premium Starter Kit. Young Living has an entire selection of oils for emotions. We even have a Feelings Kit that is a great next step. The oils I’ve already mentioned are only the beginning of what you have available to you!


DID YOU KNOW… Our indoor air is 2 to 5 times more toxic than outdoor air? I know, shocking isn’t it?! I had no idea for most of my life that my well loved scented candles, waxes, air fresheners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, drier sheets and ALL my chemical house hold cleaners were harming us! A recent study showed that using chemical cleaners can be as damaging as smoke 20 cigarettes a day! (If you’re a smoker, don’t be offended. This isn’t attacking you. Just so you know, there are oils that can help you quit if you want to.)

When you diffuse Essential Oils INSTEAD of using candles or air fresheners, not only will you be eliminating what is causing you harm, but you will also be introducing oils that can support your health!

The short answer: Because God created them to help us in our lives and in our faith journey! There are over 1100 references in the Bible where oils were used as a regular part of life. It was normal, accepted, and even expected because the people of biblical times KNEW the therapeutic benefits of them. They used them to their advantage. We’ve gotten away from that over the years… but thankfully more and more our eyes are being opened to the beauty of what God created.

As I mentioned in the Oils 101 Class, the next step is to get your Premium Starter Kit. You get 12 incredible oils
“The Beauty of Oils” comes from a heartbeat of understanding the true beauty of what God created when He gave us essential oils from His creation. She specifically fell in love with Young Living Oils due to the integrity of the company, and the purity of the oils. If you would like to learn more, simply go to the OILS tab here on this website.